Bet Guide 5/14 and 5/15

By Aidan McLoughlin
May. 14, 2018


I will be honest. I love betting on sports. I thought this would be cool to post every now and then when I decide to put some money down. Not only was the federal ban on sports gambling lifted today which should have been done a long time ago, but I am really feeling my picks tonight. Of course, DISCLAIMER: Take my picks with a grain of salt. You are betting under your own discretion, these are just my opinions which you take how you want. Remember I am no expert, I just watch a lot of hockey. Now that that is settled. I am feeling it tonight. I am looking at the odds and I reloaded my account and I'm pumped. ALSO! I decided to make a twitter for this blog. It is @McGlockTalks, be sure to follow for on the fly sports talk. Anyways. Let us begin.

The Picks

Tonight I decided to place down two bets using the website They are the only site I've ever used, easy to navigate, I would recommend. Anyways, one of my bets is on the game between the Jets and the Knights, where as the other is a long term that is on the series outcome. For this part I am going to state what I pick and why. I will also give what I put down as "low", "medium" and "high" based on how much I have in my account etc. Remember, take this all lightly, I am no expert. Since I began writing this article, I decided to place one more bet down on the Caps vs Lightning game tomorrow night. First off I will start with my long term bet. I placed a small amount on Vegas winning the series. I only did this because the odds are currently +200 for Vegas to win (if you don't know that means you will make 2 times whatever you put down back). This is a safe bet for me. The Jets or the Knights could easily win this series, I just really like the odds especially after the Knights only being down 1-0 and not on home ice yet. Now for tonights game, Vegas vs Winnipeg. I have the Golden Knights, they are also the underdogs at +125. I'm liking what I am seeing in the news today. Gerard is confident in his team on bouncing back. The Jets even are expecting a tough game tonight as they want to bounce back after that loss. I put down a medium bet because it looks like this team is fired up. For tomorrow's game, I have the Lightning stealing the first game in Washington. Trust me, I know Washington has full control after those first two games. These are the two best teams in the east, I have full reason to believe that the Lightning will bounce back, they are a great team. I also am confident in that this deep into the playoffs we won't see a sweep (knock on wood). I thought the Lightning had the capitals, they just managed to fall apart. All of this gives me reason why the Lightning can take this game. I mean c'mon, the Lightning are at +285??? Are you kidding me? I have to jump on that. I HIGHLY recommend this bet. Just based on the odds alone.