Vegas Beating the Odds

By Aidan McLoughlin
May. 10, 2018


When I sat down a week before the NHL season and made my useless predictions of how the season would go. I came to the conclusion that three of this year's playoff teams would be in the top 5 of the draft order this season. Vegas, Colorado and my team, New Jersey. Now, only one team stands above these projected losers, they really proved the entire league otherwise. Every single time I saw something positive about this team, I came up with an excuse. Now I'm here, having watched every single Golden Knights playoff game and about to purchase a t-shirt. I love this team, I'm not meaning to bandwagon or anything, the Devils are still my top team. Everything about the game they play is what I love, from the fans to the players on the ice. It's so intriguing to me. I expected to be a bit angry at the Devils losing in the first round (even though I expected it). Due to it's useless to go that far, they had no shot at winning this year, ran into a tough team and it harmed their important draft pick. All of this was fixed after I watched the Golden Knights play their next game, I realized I can get behind them.

Brand of Hockey

If you have the time. Look at the top producers on the Golden Knights this year. I want you to look at all of their roles on their old teams. Aside from James Neal and Marc-Andre Fleury, all of these guys were expendable. Which is why them being good is so shocking. They play a very fast game and that system fits these players perfectly. I am writing this one day after game 2 in the western finals. The top line of "misfits" dominated last night. Wild Bill, Marchessault and Reilly Smith were a force last night. JM had two goals and looked like a top forward like he has shown recently. This top line driven by being forgotten by their former teams have something to prove and it is amazing to watch. People sleep on the depth of the Knights. They roll four lines. Bellemare is amazing to watch and it's hard for me to comprehend how he is on the fourth line. He is easily one of the best defensive forwards I have seen in the playoffs so far. He is great on the PK and down low in the zone. Overall this team is tough to beat.

What's Next

This Jets series is going to be tough to call. I think it will end in 6 or 7. Either team can win. I said this before the second round games kicked off, I think whoever comes out of the west will win the cup. Both of these teams look SO good. This series should honestly decide the winner of the cup. These are easily the two best teams in the playoffs and I feel like it will be a hard matchup for the eastern team to win. I will be placing a very large bet on the western team winning after the conference finals are done. I am looking forward to this series as we are only two games in. It will be very interesting to watch how the rest of it unfolds. This has been a great playoffs so far.

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