Barnes Return To Clippers Imminent?

       With the Cousins drama finally over, as the stud big man was dealt to New Orleans, the Sacramento Kings have continued the overhaul of the roster by waiving veteran swing man Matt Barnes to clear the needed roster space. The (soon-to-be) 37-year old swing man is expected to receive a lot of attention from teams that are in the playoff picture and need a fiery defensive presence off the bench to complete a push to the promised lands, from the Toronto Raptors to the Houston Rockets.

        Speculation, however, has it that Barnes will be returning to the City of Angels for the fourth time in his career, to bolster the Clippers bench, the third stint he would have with the franchise. Barnes was an integral part of the Clippers defeat of the San Antonio Spurs during the 2015 playoffs and had formed a solid bond with his teammates, often being recognized as the enforcer to anyone who gave Blake Griffin a hard foul.

        With the Clippers roster standing at 15, if they do have plans to bring back Barnes, a trade or cutting one of its own players would be required, with the most likely victim being Alan Anderson, a fellow veteran swing man.