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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I want to lead this off with a tip to any up and coming defensive linemen with dreams of playing big time football - lock yourself in a room and watch film of Mo Hurst play on Saturdays for the University of Michigan.

Watch the agility and quickness he possesses that undoubtedly came from long off-season work outs (maybe a little God given talent as well), watch his hands and the technique he mastered in order to make Big-Ten linemen look like grade schoolers, but most importantly - watch his motor and the hustle he brings on each and every down.

When 97.1 The Ticket radio show host and known Spartan Mike Valenti raves week in and week out about the play of a Michigan Defensive Linemen, you know he must be a special player.

The best part about the career Hurst had at Michigan is that he wasn't this sure fire 5-star recruit when he signed with the Wolverines. He was a 3-star linemen out of the North East who was thought to be a bit undersized for the position.

His four years with the Wolverines' just goes to show you that stars don't mean everything in recruiting. A valuable lesson for most of us Michigan fans to learn from :)

One thing I can guarantee the readers of this blog is I'm no doctor, so I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the heart condition of Maurice Hurst.

With that being said there are two points I can type out with certainty.

1. Raider nation should not only be thrilled, but they should be proud that Hurst will wear the silver and black this upcoming season.

2. The NFL executive that called the Raiders irresponsible for drafting him, ought to be embarrassed.

Each team in the draft has the right to evaluate medical opinions on the pool of potential draft picks and then way those opinions to make the best decision on who to select.

Doctors have had varying thoughts on whether or not Hurst may be a liability for any franchise that drafts him - Two of those doctors, from fairy respectable medical backgrounds (Harvard and Michigan), have cleared him 100 percent.

So here is my recommendation for the NFL Executive that opened his mouth in regards to Hurst's condition. Try to think twice next time you go on record talking about something you arent 100 percent sure about.

To Mo Hurst, I wish you all the luck in the world proving your doubters wrong.

Thanks for giving not only Michigan fans, but football fans in general the opportunity to watch someone play the game the right way.

Let's Go MO!!!