Top 10 Centers in the NBA (2016)

By MrFelipeDinero
Oct. 16, 2016

5. Pau Gasol-  Traditionally a Power Forward but playing Center for the Spurs, Pau is still one of the most skilled big guys in all of basketball.  He is getting older and losing most of his explosiveness, but he still put up star quality numbers.

4.  Dwight Howard-  He has fallen of the radar as a team cornerstone, but none the less he was the pioneer of the new age athletic big man.  He is also the most successful center currently in the league.  The new age of basketball has left him struggling to find himself (primarily court spacing and three point shooting), but when he is engaged he is a huge different.

3.  DeAndre Jordan-  DeAndre Jordan is a number one of these centers built in the image of Dwight Howard.  His athleticism and shot blocking impact the game just as much as most other stars scoring.  Combined with CP3's court vision and lob passes, he is an issue.

2. DeMarcus Cousins-  DeMarcus is currently the most skilled and talented big buy in all of basketball.  His attitude and relationships with coaches/teammates has been the only thing that has been holding him back.  If he ever learns to keep his cool, watch out NBA.

1.  Andre Drummond- Andre Drummond is a beast.  He is what DeAndre Jordan would be if he had better offensive skills.   Just think that with no real go to scorer, Detroit was able to make the playoffs and give Cleveland four tough first round games.