WWE's Money in the Bank Delivered

WWE’s Money in the Bank was advertised to be one of the most unique pay per views the company has ever produced.

While it did rank off the charts on the uniqueness level it also delivered laughs, surprises and even some very good wrestling matches.

Here is how I graded each match;

Jeff Hardy d. Cesaro

Great match by both, The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy looked good in his return from a long absence. Cesaro is definitely a talent that is being under used. Hardy got the win with his patented Swanton bomb off the top rope. Grade A-

The New Day wins Fatal 4 way (Tag Team Defense)

Pretty good match by all four teams involved. The Lucha House Party, Forgotten Sons and Miz and Morrison all had shining moments as the match took many different turns. In the end though it was the defending champs, the New Day that prevailed. Grade B+

Bobby Lashley d. R-Truth

They really need to find a story line for Lashley. Billed as MVP vs. R-Truth, Lashley came to the ring and said MVP could have the night off and proceeded to squash Truth. No idea why this match happened except a match filler. Grade D

Bayley d. Tamina (Womens title defense)

Pretty decent match over all. Tamina is not top level caliber wrestler yet but put up a nice match to watch. Bayley got the pin after Sasha Banks helped distract Tamina. The WWE needs to hurry up with the Sasha Banks angle and have her turn on Bayley as has been hinted at for weeks now. Grade B-

Braun Strowman d. Bray Wyatt (Universal Championship defense)

There were no fans allowed but I guess puppets were not barred from ringside as the Firefly Fun House crew popped up all over the arena. I fully expected one of theme to interfere with the match causing a DQ but that didn’t happen. Strowman ended the match with a running power slam after tricking Wyatt to thinking he was back in the Wyatt family by donning the Black Sheep Mask. Grade B+

Drew McIntyre d. Seth Rollins (WWE Championship defense)

Whether you like his Monday Night Messiah persona or not, Rollins is one of the best in ring performers in the WWE. And believe it or not, the massive McIntyre is turning into one as well. This match was back and forth with Rollins having the upper hand more than McIntyre. Both got in their offensive moves and both kicked out when it appeared they were done. When it was finally over, McIntyre hit Rollins with the Glasgow kiss followed by the Claymore to get the 1-2-3. Grade A

Asuka wins Womens MITB Ladder Match –

The craziness started when Asuka leapt off the balcony in the lobby onto all five of her competitors then took off in the elevator and the chase was on. The race to the roof included Dana Brooke grabbing a prop suitcase thinking she had won, Carmella smashing a picture of her self over Brooke’s head, Shayna Baszler putting the Kirifuda Clutch hold on Rey Mysterio during a huge food fight between all 12 competitors and Auska knocking Lacey Evans, Nia Jax and King Corbin off the ladder as she reached the suitcase for the win. Grade A

Otis wins Mens MITB Ladder Match –

Yes you heard right.. Otis won the MITB match, as unexpected as that was, it happened. The match featured great spots as the competitors battled up to the roof of the WWE office. The highlights included cameos by Brother Love, Doink the clown and John Laurinaitis, AJ Styles found himself in the Undertakers casket room, Otis started a food fight after Paul Hayman got a face full of food, and Styles and Daniel Bryan brawled into Vince McMahon’s office (getting chewed out before being thrown out).

Once on the roof, King Corbin did the unthinkable by throwing Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the roof. Words can’t do justice to this match, but it ended when Styles and Corbin, both on the ladder holding the case when Elias showed up, hit Corbin with the guitar causing Styles to fumble the suitcase and drop it into the hands of Otis, who stood below. Grade A

Overall, the show was very enjoyable and funny. Yes corny at times but aren’t most storylines corny at times? Great wrestling, cleverly written and it delivered. Well done on a fast moving, no nonsense show that left us wanting a little more. Grade A-