Fantasy Football: Johnson vs. Bell

By Greyson Shambaugh
Aug. 20, 2017

You just got the number 1 pick in your fantasy draft. That is great! But the hardest choice is next. Who do you take with your number 1 pick? So, we are going to compare the best 2 players that you could possible draft. David Johnson (ARI) or Le'veon Bell (PIT).



Johnson Le'veon

16 GP 12 GP


Rushing: Rushing:

293 ATT 261 ATT

1239 YDS 1268 YDS

4.4 AVG 4.9 AVG

16 TD 7 TD

Receiving: Receiving:

80 REC 75 REC

120 TGTS 94 TGTS

879 YDS 616 YDS

11.5 AVG 8.2 AVG

8 TD 2 TD


Statistically wise, Le'veon is better rushing. But, Johnson is better at receiving.

Who I Am Taking Number 1:

David Johnson. I'd take him number 1 for many reasons. 1. He is a dynamic running back who is great at receiving too. Le'veon may be better statistically but, if you watch a game of David Johnson playing, you would be shocked. He can run the ball up the gut like Eddie Lacey did in his prime, or he can catch the football on the run like a HOF wide receiver.

Le'veon is still holding out after a very confusing contract negotiation. Stats prove that players who hold out play worse than the year before. So, will you take David Johnson and win the Fantasy League or will you draft Le'veon and be a bum?

-Hot Debate

G. Shambaugh