WWE - It's time to Bo-lieve in Bo Dallas

We've all heard for the past couple years about "Bo-lieving". To be honest, it grew kind of corny and for a while nobody seemed to care about Bo Dallas. The only time he got recognized was when Brock Lesnar took him to Suplex City. Even when the Social Outcasts were running wildly obnoxious on Raw, nobody cared one way or another about Bo Dallas. He just seemed out of place and if he was gonna survive in WWE, he would need to reinvent himself and stop with the corny shtick. 

Back in September, we saw Bo Dallas reemerge on Raw carrying a sign encouraging the fans to Bo-lieve in Bo. In somewhat of a way to pick on the presidential candidates signs, it appeared that he had added yet another corny feature to his already dull character. But then we saw the bell ring and he had a completely different attitude. He was more aggressive and more hungry than ever before. This Bo Dallas we saw was fresh and at least for me, exciting. He was back on tv and winning matches convincingly. With that said, the sky is the limit for him as long as he keeps this attitude. Having somewhat of an unstable side to him is always appealing and it's definitely the change he has needed so badly. Take into fact that he has more wins on television this year than his brother Bray Wyatt and he's definitely heading in the right direction. 

Two weeks ago on Raw, Sami Zayn and Neville teamed up to defeat former Social Outcast members Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. I'm a huge fan of Axel but WWE does absolutely nothing with him so seeing him and Bo Dallas surely meant that the duo was doomed. Maybe someday the WWE brass will see what they have with Curtis and allow him to showcase his true abilities. Anyways, this past Monday on Raw we saw the return match. Neville vs Bo Dallas with Curtis Axel in his corner. Even more so than recently, Bo looked more determined and more fired up than usual. Most people probably expected Neville to win with relative ease but I saw a fire inside Bo that I don't think we have ever seen before. I never doubted for one second that Bo would lose the match and he didn't. He stopped Neville from hitting his signature Red Arrow with a unique sweep and was able to finish him off. As the referee raised Bo's arm and Axel celebrated in the ring with him, out of nowhere we saw Curtis Axel brutally attacked by his now former friend. Bo didn't hold anything back and certainly made an example out of Axel. On that night, Axelmania wasn't able to run wild long enough to defend himself against the fired up Bo Dallas. So with that in mind, what does this mean going forward?

It's a safe bet that these two will have somewhat of a mini feud as I don't see WWE going full throttle with this. Since I'm attending Hell in a Cell next Sunday in Boston maybe I'll get lucky and they'll hold the match off until then. I could be wrong and these two will have a couple matches with one another to determine who the better man really is. With his new attitude, I can't see anything stopping Bo from reaching his true potential. He's an amazing talent that has been dealt some crappy hands over the years but now is his time. The sign he carry's to the ring with him is more than just a cheap slogan. He grows more intense as each week passes and can definitely find himself a winning streak. His stock is rapidly growing and you'd be foolish to doubt him. Ladies and gentleman, the time has finally come to Bo-lieve in Bo Dallas. He's made a Bo-liever out of me and now it's time for each and every single one of you to Bo-lieve.