WWE - No Mercy was proof that Smackdown Live is better than Monday Night Raw

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To those who read this, I apologize for my lack of articles lately. A busy schedule mixed with writers block is a really bad combination. Anyways, it's good to be back and you can expect regular articles. 

Last night was the second pay per view surrounding the Smackdown Live brand and to say it was good would be a great understatement. Raw may have "the star power" but Smackdown Live has "the wrestling power". If you're an old school fan like myself who prefers professional wrestling over "sports entertainment", you're gonna like where this is heading. Since the brand split and draft was announced, I've stated that Smackdown Live will eventually surpass Raw due to its raw ability to appeal to the hardcore fans. You're probably asking yourselves right now what I'm talking about, so to that I say bare with me. When I watch WWE, I could do without the entertainment side of things. It's a nice touch and definitely helps further storylines/get the fan emotionally invested in it but most times, the entertainment segments are fillers. In a company that has made its name because of professional wrestling, you'd think it would cater to just that. Wrestling. It's no secret that over the years wrestling as a whole has lost a great majority of its fan base simply because WWE has pushed them away. From their crappy booking to the stupid fillers, it's clear that wrestling had become an afterthought to WWE. Hell, for years they weren't allowed to even say professional wrestling during the shows!!!! What's the deal with that??

Smackdown Live offers people 2 hours of non-stop wrestling. Sure it may kick the show off with a segment but it's building up to something later on the show. We get more wrestling during a 2 hour Smackdown Live than we do during a 3 hour Raw. If you enjoy being entertained and couldn't care less about wrestling, I suggest you stop reading this and just stop watching WWE all together. It's a WRESTLING company. Go watch Days of our Lives if you want entertainment. No Mercy gave the fans last night some of the finest wrestling we have seen all year. From the WWE World Championship opening the show to the thrilling Intercontinenal Championship match, No Mercy was hardcore proof just exactly what Smackdown Live caters to. That being the true fans who love professional wrestling. 

No Mercy had some stiff competition with the debate and the Sunday Night Football game last night, but in my heart it's not even a question what the best choice for viewing was. No Mercy delivered BIG TIME. AJ Styles as WWE World Champion is money anyway you could spin it. The absolute best wrestler in the world right now continues to show why he is phenomenal and religiously gives us phenomenal matches. The crowd loves him despite his bad guy attitude which goes to show what talent and wrestling can do to the fan. John Cena and Dean Ambrose have been tailing Styles lately with the intent of claiming the belt back. After tapping out to a double submission, the match was restarted and the ever amazing Styles retained his belt after using a steel chair. Hey, at the end of the day, the record book shows that AJ Styles won and retained his WWE World Championship. Overall, starting the show off with 3 of the best in the WWE was a brilliant move by WWE. 

The other match that had people on their feet was the career vs Intercontinental Championship match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. 2020 has without question been Miz's best year. Yeah he isn't WWE World Champion but has definitely done his finest work. He's been more motivated than ever and since being labeled a "coward" inside the ring, Miz has gone to great lengths to add moves to his moveset. Add on top of that his "shoot promo" of sorts on Talking Smack and you've got the recipe for success. Ziggler on the other hand always has good matches but fans just cannot stay behind this guy. As soon as he reaches the pinnacle, he sinks faster than the Titanic. For one reason or another, he has "it" but he doesn't have IT. Last night, both guys delivered the wrestling match of a lifetime. From Miz and Maryse using cheating tactics to the Spirit Squad showing up yet again to Ziggler overcoming those odds and kicking out of everything thrown at him only to nail Miz with a super kick and save his career. From here on out, time will tell if Ziggler can maintain his momentum and keep fans interested in him. 

My only gripe with last night had nothing to do with WWE. I'm a huge fan of Becky Lynch and was beyond excited to see her defend the Smackdown Live Woman's Championship against Alexa Bliss. Due to some type of injury or sickness, Becky wasn't able to compete and instead we got Naomi vs Alexa. Still though, a solid match all around with Naomi picking up the victory. On Talking Smack after the show, Alexa Bliss found out that on the November 8th edition of Smackdown Live, she will get her Championship match against Becky Lynch. Stay tuned to that, as it will definitely be a match you don't want to miss. Becky Lynch is clicking on all cylinders and is definitely one of the finest female wrestlers in the entire world. The Lass Kicker is only just getting started. 

The rest of the show definitely gave me my daily fix of wrestling. Slater and Rhyno retaining the Tag Team Titles over the Uso's was a great match. The crowd loves Slater but definitely love Rhyno. Have you heard the pops he gets? The main event of Wyatt vs Orton was another great match to watch. Kind of a slower more methodical pace which saw Wyatt defeat The Viper and also saw the return of Luke Harper. I can't wait to see where the Wyatt's go from here and having Harper back is a win-win for everybody. Even the 8 man tag team match on the pre show was pretty good. American Alpha and The Hype Bros defeated The Ascension and The Vaudevillains. 

No Mercy put the exclamation point on what a professional wrestling show should look like. Raw is great but doesn't give me the excitement that anything Smackdown Live gives me. Raw is about the stars and that's where all the big shots show up. But on Smackdown Live, we get excellent matches and superb storytelling. Don't forget, the story inside the ring means more than the story told in a stupid 5 minute filler segment. I look forward to Smackdown Live every single week and it's because they cater to a more wrestling orientated fan base. In time, hopefully the true fans of professional wrestling tune in to Smackdown Live because they don't know what they're missing.