Teammate Turmoil at Talladega - Harvick Confronts Kurt Busch Post Race

Watch the video above. Stewart Haas teammates Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch exchange words after the race on pit road. Harvick leans in to say something to Busch but from the angle you cant see if Harvick took a swing at Busch or not.  Below are some statements from an article on USA Today's website written by Jeff Gluck

statement:  Harvick apparently was upset that Busch hit the No. 4 car on the cool-down lap; it’s unclear why Busch was angry with Harvick. Busch finished fourth while Harvick was seventh, and both drivers advanced to the third round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

rebuttle: words like apparently and unclear are dead giveaways - no one did anything, saw anything, but someone said something to someone else. Understand?

statement: Busch told NBCSN Harvick had “a misunderstanding of the call at the end of the race.”

rebuttle: What call? That Logano won? Hamlin is the one that beat Busch to the line for the tiebreaker, not Harvick

statement: “He cleaned the side of our car out after the checkered flag,” Harvick told NBCSN. Didn’t have a scratch on it until then. That’s pretty good for Talladega.”

rebuttle: What the hell does that mean? That he shoved him into the wall after the race was over? I'd like to see that footage, because I would laugh. I dislike the busch brothers (so much so that I didn't even capitalize his name)

statement: Harvick was asked if Busch provided an explanation and said, “Not really.”

rebuttle: What he meant to say is "I didn't like the explanation he gave, so I'm just going to duck the question"

statement: “He’ll understand it and I’m sure he’ll clear it up in his interview,” Busch said.

rebuttle: Translation: He'll understand it or else. But he didn't clear it up in his interview. See above.

Last year after the chase opener at Chicagoland, Kevin Harvick confronted Jimmie Johnson in the motorhome lot. They weren't teammates, but Harvick and Busch are. Maybe Tony Stewart should call both those knuckleheads to his trailer and have a few words with the both of them on the fundamentals of teamwork, camaraderie and helping eachother out for the common goal. After all, this is the last year for the Sprint Cup Trophy. Who knows what it will be called next year.