Tire-d of Blowing Up - Fontana Wrecks Spell Disaster For Many

It's the type of hard hit that will make any fan cringe.  No matter if you like the driver or not. But the hard lick that Kyle Larson took on lap 48 was enough to make you thank the gods that invented the safer barriers. And NASCAR for mandating them.

Kyle was involved in the scary crash after he cut tire and shot from the top of the track down the bottom and head first into the inside wall (as shown in the above video). He was running 27th at the time when he car struck the wall, all 4 tires lifted off the ground and he spun like a top. He radioed to his team that he was fine, and that he felt that one. Larson was not the only one who had tire issues, with several others like Chris Buscher, both Busch Brothers (Kurt early at lap Lap 9 and Kyle with just 2 laps to go). The 18 was also in the pits at Lap 18 for tire troubles.

The 14 of Brian Vickers cut a tire on lap 25 and wondered why NASCAR did not throw a caution for all the debris that was on the track (the caution came out a couple of laps later). Kasey Khane made an unscheduled pit stop on lap 37 for a tire issue when his right rear tire's beads melted. At the halfway point around Lap 109 the 6 car of Trevor Bayne smacked the wall in Turns 3 and 4 and thought he hadn't gotten that much damage at first. but he soon learned in Turn 1 that he was in trouble.

With 80 laps to go, Danica Patrick was sent into the Turn 1 wall by the 5 car of Kasey Khane, jockeying for a spot on the track. This is the ensuing drama that unfolded.

Khane's team and crew chief were called the NASCAR hauler post race to discuss the incident. Here's Danica's reaction..

The 21 car of Trevor Bayne hit the wall with 5 laps to go, and the race stayed green until Kyle Busch tried to make it to  the pits without shredding his tires, but failed. That set up the 3rd NASCAR Overtime scenario in 5 races. Jimmie Johnson was your ultimate winner, he leads the charts with 6 wins at Auto Club Speedway and climbs another notch on the all time wins list with a total of 77.