Final Top 25 College Football Ranking By AP

By Princess Cooper
Jan. 11, 2017

My take! 

Clemson and Bama are expected. Southern Cal was a little surprise although I don't know who I would have put there anyway. But, the biggest argument to me comes with the Buckeyes being ranked higher than Penn State. Yes, the Nittany Lions have more losses but, they have a win over the Buckeyes and won the BIG Conference Title Game. 

Other than that I thought most of the teams fell right. Including Florida at #14 and FSU at #8

1. Clemson (60)

2. Alabama

3. USC

4. Washington

5. Oklahoma

6. Ohio State

7. Penn State

8. Florida State

9. Wisconsin

10. Michigan

11. Oklahoma State

12. Stanford

13. LSU

14. Florida

15. Western Michigan

16. Virginia Tech

17. Colorado

18. West Virginia

19. South Florida

20. Miami

21. Louisville

22. Tennessee

23. Utah

24. Auburn

25. San Diego State