AAC East, UCF Meltdown leaves Temple & USF On Top

By CamSimmons
Oct. 16, 2016

Last years AAC East Champion Temple got off to a rough start losing to Army in game one, but has shown erratically steady improvement since. Last nights win against UCF sets up a Friday night prime time showdown with USF for the top spot in the AAC East. 

Temple was down 25-7 at one point against UCF, but rallied with 19 unanswered points to win 26-25 with a last second touchdown. Temple took advantage of a undisciplined UCF squad who gifted Temple with 12 penalties for 110 yards. Many were of the drive killing variety during critical moments of the game. The unnecessary personal fouls were especially egregious to UCF's fortunes. Temple also stuffed UCF's once promising run game holding them to 86 yards with a 2.4 yard average. Temple nailed the coffin shut on UCF  with a 32 second 70 yard touchdown drive to end the game. 

Temple was the beneficiary of some coaching errors as well. UCF had time outs to burn in Temple's final drive, but chose not to use them. After the game one defensive player explained that the defense was gassed, and needed a timeout to catch their breath. Even head coach Scott Frosted admitted that he should have called a time out, but was talked out of it by his defensive coordinator.  Coaching by committee has its benefits, and its drawbacks. Another drawback was when UCF went up 25-7 the play calling went very conservative with a predictable run, run, pass repetition that Temple could easily exploit. 

In the end Temple's never quit lunch pail mentality overcame the favored team through shear determination. This will be a big confidence boost for Temple going into the USF game. UCF needs to regroup and learn how to stop explosive plays if they want to go bowling. 

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