Defensive backs are under appreciated in the NFl

Being a defensive back (either corner or safety) in today's NFL is hard, like, really hard.

First of all, you are assigned to follow another world-class athlete around the field trying to read his movements while at maximum speed, that on itself is something very few people in the world can do. Then you have to anticipate the exact moment that the ball is just about to get to him, to intercept it or knock it away (while trying to barely contact the offensive player), and after that, if the pass was completed, well, you have to bring the receiver down.

But how?

In today's NFL the concept "defenseless receiver" is thrown around a lot. And I get it, we have to protect the players, I am totally on board with banning shots to the head/neck area. But sometimes it can't be helped. When you are playing at those speeds and with that level of intensity it gets really hard to pinpoint the torso or upper legs of an opponent, because as we saw this pre-season with Odell Beckham Jr; the knee and below is a no-no zone. I know they didn't penalize Boddy-Calhoun, but don't doubt for a second that if he had taken out one of the biggest stars in the game, that the league would've stepped in to take a look at the rules.

That is the other part, the league has a tendency to take care of the offensive players more.

The way the rules are applied when it comes to interactions between defensive backs and wide receivers, clearly favors the offense. How many times have we seen a flag thrown for defensive pass interference or illegal contact , watch the replay and then roll our eyes to the back of our heads? Many times. So you are not only asking something extremely hard as it is out of your DB's, they are trying to do it while playing with a handicap regarding their offensive counterparts. Sometimes it's just not fair.

So, what am I proposing?

Let the DB's just hit wherever they want as hard as they can? No, you do need to protect the receivers, and the term "defenseless receiver" is not a fantasy, it is a real and reoccurring situation.

Fix the rule book so that the defenders stand on even ground with the WR's? That could work. But it isn't happening, there is a reason the rules are applied the way they are. They help the spectacle. The NFL is selling spectacle, and games with more points are way better for their goals as a business. Few people want to watch a 9-6 defensive struggle over a 38-35 shoot out. So that is not changing.

I am proposing that teams show more apreaceation for their defensive backs. Not ONE DB is in the top 25 best paid players list. And I get it, quarter backs are always going to be the best paid position, that really is the most important position in the game. I'm saying (and this may sound ridiculous to some people) pay the top defensive backs in the league as much as you are paying the top wide receivers. They are counterparts, in a way complementary to each other, so why is one side winning more money than the other? If Richard Sherman or Josh Norman can shut down Antonio Brown or ODB Jr, shouldn't they be worth at least the same as them?

It makes sense in my head, I don't know if it does in yours.