Which team Kansas City Chiefs will compete against in the NFL season opener?

By Elice Max
Mar. 18, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54. That means they will be opening the coming NFL season. The league will be opened at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night. Now the question that arises here is, which team the Chiefs would be playing.

Since Chiefs won the Super Bowl, they will be the ones to open the football season taking place at the Arrowhead Stadium. The league will be opened on Thursday night in front of the Chief Kingdom. It’s very rare that the honor to open the league is not given to the team defending the title. However, it will be a dream come true for the teams that haven’t won Super Bowl in over 50 years.

Home game opponents for Kansas City Chiefs 2020:

So, it’s time to figure out which team the Chiefs can play during week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. There are eight teams the Chiefs have homes games with. These teams include:

Ø New York Jets

Ø New England Patriots

Ø Atlanta Falcons

Ø Los Angeles Chargers

Ø Denver Broncos

Ø Carolina Panthers

Ø Houston Texans

Ø Las Vegas Raiders

· Atlanta Falcons or the Carolina Panthers:

Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers are two of the teams that can easily be crossed off the list. Both of these teams have participated in the NFC south league. This will be the first time in eight years these two teams will be making their way to Arrowhead Stadium.

· New York Jets:

The next team that goes off the list is the New York Jets. Even though this team played AFC, however, it is not good enough to compete against Kansas City Chief during the opening of the season.

· Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos or Los Angeles Chargers:

Kansas City Chief can compete against any of the five left home opponents. Each member of the quintet is a potential rival for the Chiefs. It makes sense for the team to compete against the Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers as all of them are AFC West rivals for them. The chances of this happening are high because the audience loves watching prime-time rivals playing against each other. Moreover, all of these teams have already played in Arrowhead stadium. However, playing against these teams won’t be as exciting as people expect it to be.

· Houston Texans or the New England Patriots:

Now come the last two opponents. Who will play against the Chiefs, Houston Texans or the New England Patriots?

Texans won the last years’ AFC South league followed by blowing a 24-0 lead in the divisional round at Arrowhead stadium. Since the Texans ended their season after facing the Kansas City Chiefs, it would seem very petty if they chose them to open the season.

If you remember, the Chief defeated Patriots in the Week 1 opener in Foxborough stadium. That happened right after they beat Falcons during the Super Bowl 51. So, keeping the circumstances in mind, we believe that it is going to be The Chiefs against the Patriots to open the NFL season.

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Make sure you are taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid catching COVID-19 while enjoying the 2020 NFL season matches.