NFL Conference Championship match up review

Now that the...

Eagles swooped in and beat the Falcons 15-10

The Patriots slayed the Titans 34-15

The Jaguars sink the their teeth into a dub over Steelers

and The Vikings barbarically beat the Saints in the final seconds of the game 29-24

What will happen next?

Its time for teams to fight or die

Can the Patriots go on to their 9th Super Bowl and win their 6th Lombardi or will the Jaguars, Eagles, Vikings go and win their first

Jaguars at Patriots

The Jaguars did extremely well at surviving and attacking the Steelers/killer B's, putting up 45 points in this game when a week ago they only put up 10 points against the Bills!

I certainly think the Jaguars came together on offense and played the Steelers who slightly played down the Jaguars level and made some crass plays and game time decisions.

The Patriots however are 8.5-9.5 point favorites over the Jags and are also fresh off a win/ blow out against the Titans. In my opinion the Patriots should win this one if they can play like they already have been. The Jags can win if their defense can pressure Tom Brady can keep all his weapons in check. (Oh and if Blake doesn't throw 5 ints and Jags don't fall apart)

winner: Patriots (hopefully in a shootout, that would be cool)

Vikings at Eagles

The Eagles barely survived the Falcons and really should have lost if the Falcons didn't all of a sudden fall apart and choke again. I don't have much to say about this game as it was not very good to watch as the Falcons D just GAVE UP OR MAYBE DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP. It was very upsetting to see and in my opinion really should have been better... really really should have been better. The Vikings however did put up a show and really showed us that Keenum might not be a one and done (at least until Pat Shurmur is in Minnesota). The Vikings too should have lost but Keenum and Diggs did the Impossible(failed Saints defensive play and lineament in a cover 2 coverage on that final play) and scored with 10 seconds left.

The Vikings have the advantage being 3.5 point favorites against the Eagles. They also are lucky Nick Foles is the Quarterback. However there are some "hidden reasons" telling me that the Eagles might win this one. First of they are at home, and outside. The Vikings haven't played outside recently which might be a curse of having an indoor stadium. I have "sources" telling me Carson Wentz might have placed a curse on any team who plays Nick Foles at home to lose until he gets back. (just saying it's impossible that the Falcons Defense played the way they did with out that logic). I think the if the Eagles really can hit and pound early they will win. Minnesota will win if they score early, take advantage of the Old saint Nick, and play better than or close to what they did against the Saints.

Winner: Vikings (I don't feel comfortable taking the Eagles to win after that disastrous Falcons game, even though my theory might be correct)