Did Effort to Honor Tim Shaw Nullify Claim in NFL Concussion Settlement?

Several news outlets reported yesterday that Tim Shaw, a former NFL player for the Tennessee Titans, who now suffers from ALS was signed again to a one day contract, with the Titans. Although details of the contract were not reported, Titan’s writer, Jim Wyatt tweeted that Tim Shaw had been listed on the Titan’s roster.

Another report by NBC Sports suggests that Shaw was in fact added to the Titan's official team roster, “The Titans could have made a ceremonial move such as this during the offseason, when it wouldn’t have cost them a roster spot. But after waiving an injured cornerback this week, the team decided it was an appropriate time to honor Shaw.”

Although those involved surely had the best intentions, to raise awareness about the disease of ALS and to honor a former player stricken by a horrible disease, some are questioning whether or not the move could affect Shaw’s ability to make a claim in the recent NFL Concussion Settlement, costing him potentially a $5 million dollar claim award.

“There are several conditions that must be met in order to be eligible to make a claim in the NFL Concussion Settlement, but a couple that possibly apply in this case are; a player must have retired prior to July 7th, 2014 and no longer be under contract to a Member Club and are not seeking active employment as a player with any Member Club, whether signed to a roster or signed to any practice squad, developmental squad, or taxi squad of a Member Club. These conditions come straight out of the NFL Concussion Settlement court documents,” according to NFL Concussion Case attorney Patrick J. Tighe with X1 Law.

Without knowing all the particulars or until a legal matter is resolved, it is difficult to know definitively, but let’s hope an effort to honor a former player, stricken by a terminal disease, has not inadvertently nullified the player's potential claim, and any award he may be entitled to, can be put to use as he sees fit.