How The 49ers Can Complete A Rebuild By Next Season

By NFLCraving
Nov. 06, 2016

Jeez. It's been a while since I've last written, but it really doesn't matter because no one reads my blog anyway. 

The 49ers, a team that was one play away from being named the winners of Super Bowl XLVII, are now in a competition with the Cleveland Browns for being named the league's most dysfunctional franchise. Whether you like it or not, the Browns have been looking like a better team than the 49ers as of late. What? Those Browns are better than the 49ers? Yup. Their record doesn't show what kind of season they're having. They might be 0-8, but their management is winning.

The 49ers have been stuck in a rebuild since Jim Harbaugh left, and have not done much to improve since then. Here are the steps they should take in order to get themselves in a better position for next year.

1. Fire DC Jim O'Neil and DL Coach Jerry Azzinaro

The hiring of Jim O'Neil has been nothing short of terrible. The 49ers are on pace to have the worst defense in franchise history, allowing 185 yards rushing per game. Although this defense is young and inexperienced, there is no excuse to look unprepared to play a game. Defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil was let go from Clevland last year, and it has become apparent why. A young defense requires an experienced coordinator who can run a traditional scheme which implements ideas that work with the player's strengths. Having Aaron Lynch, a 270 pound outside linebacker, dropping into coverage on 3rd down doesn't do the team any good. O'Neil has to go because this defense has too much potential talent to be wasted. Linebackers coach, Jason Tarver, should be promoted to take his spot. The next thing that the 49ers should fix is the defensive line. Defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro, was brought in by Chip Kelly to coach his former Oregon products, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner. Even though the defensive line has the potential to be dominant, they are pushed off the ball almost every play. Often times, the line has not maintained gap integrity, leaving opposing rushers with massive holes to run through. He may have made first round picks, but Azzinaro is responsible for this poor play within the defensive line and must be shown the door.

2. Give GM Trent Baalke One More Season

Okay, give me a chance to explain myself; I am aware that the 49ers roster is incredibly weak. The team has holes virtually everywhere on the roster, with notable weaknesses on the offensive side of the ball. Eventually, the talent on a roster is on the shoulders of the GM, and Baalke should take full responsibility for it. Giving him one more chance to make things right has ot