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World Cup: Canada - Team Europe 4:1

By nhlblonde
Sep. 22, 2016

Canadian squad of Maple Leaf is in the semifinals and they will face either Russia or Team America. Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews secured the top spot in Group A with his two goals, when Canada trashed Team Europe 4:1 yesterday. If they lost the game against USA in preparation, there is still zero lost game in World Cup and it is all what matters.

Two captains started the raid of Team Europe with the first two goals - Sidney Crosby's wrap around goal at 4:01 and Jonathan Toews at 19:05. His buddy from the Hawks Marian Hossa who rented him his Downtown Condo where Tazer liked to fall asleep on the smellie throne or in the bath tube under the window when he was drunk like a fish, took his revenge in the second period when he attacked his other team mate Corey Crawford in the rival net from the left circle and the puck said Hello on his journey behind Crawfie's backs - the first goal of Team Europe at 4:38. The banter shuttle bus between two team mates did not stop and Toews as a copycat of Marian Hossa  increased score for his country in the end of the second period, 3:1, also firing from the left circle. Still better to see nice action by Crosby's opener how he circled around the net and shoveled it between Halak's poles. Still better than beating around the bush:]] Funny enough Crosby has more assists than Tiews but Toews sent a pass on Logan Couture's stick in the third period  and they created final result 4:1.