Specialized Reporting Blog 4: Mobile Kit

By NickBertaux
Feb. 12, 2017

With the few things we have done for with the mobile kits I noticed how simple things are to use. It allows us to put multiple aspects of a story out all with one device and gives us freedom to change things on the fly. 

So far I have really only used camera +, voice recorder pro, and have played around with some of the photo editing on snapspeed.  These three apps are pretty self explanatory from my brief time using them so far.  The camera + I am eager to keep using and getting to know better as it seems to be a very effective camera taking tool; not just for journalism either.  Voice recorder pro is your basic voice recorder on a mobile app.  The mic is definitely  a must if you plan to use the mobile device for audio that will go in your work.

With media rapidly changing as technology changes, the mobile kit lets us get many kinds of media out there.  You are able to do photo and video and can put those quickly on your social media with information for your followers.  Also with the photo and video editors you can make them solid quality, but you will be quick.  On top of those things, looking at other apps we may be using it seems we are able to make reporter clips with our voice over video to show and tell our audience what is happening.  You are also able to adjust quickly if there is a sudden change of plans in reporting the story.

Some difficulties is obviously battery life and the kit is extra stuff to carry. The quality is good but not as good as professional equipment.  Weather can get in the way of using the mobile kit if it rains or snows.