Mitchell Miller the Worst Draft Pick Ever

The Arizona Coyotes in the NHL took Mitchell miller in the 2020 NHL entry draft and here is why it was a terrible decision . When he was 14 and even older he was Brought to court over bullying a black teen making him lick a push pop off of a urinal and much more bullying and has never apologized to the boy or his family. But he did apologize to the NHL Teams everyone but has failed to apologize to the other boy, this is outrageous and stupid by Arizona this man did not deserve to be drafted he did not deserve a NHL chance after what he did to that boy and he did not apologize once except to the people who could keep his dream alive , Sorry your not getting a career and the hockey community will not stop pushing till this boy apologizes and racism does not exist in hockey it does not belong here.UPDATE"he has been released by the coyotes"

i'm Nick Dewar i hope you read this for the important info in it you can message me anytime on twitter @nickdewar2 have a great day and #BLM