Hitting Irons To Your Best Ability: Common Mistakes And Pro Tips

Playing golf can be a really difficult endeavor for some entry-level golfers. While looking very simple and intuitive, this game is very technically demanding and far from being easy. Thus, many entry-level players and amateurs are making lots of mistakes during their game, and it seems like many people find hitting irons the hardest part of the game.

Common Mistakes

Playing irons most beginners and amateurs are making all the same mistakes. We have determined some of them that have the biggest impact on your success to help you recognize what you have been doing wrong:

  • Shoulder turn – most beginners, neglect to make the full shoulder turn during their backswing, and this is a huge mistake! In fact, a shoulder turn is exactly what adds power to your iron shots, so you should never forget about it.
  • Helping the ball up – this is another fatal mistake made by many golfers, which on practice only makes your iron shots much worse with less distance and power.
  • Approach shots – during such hits, one of the worst mistakes a player can do is not taking enough club. This results in some very bad mishits and doesn’t give you enough control!
  • Afraid of a divot – often, taking a divot can save your iron shots, so there are no reasons to be scared of it!

Tips For Enhancing Your Game

If you are regularly mishitting irons, don’t panic! Hitting this type of clubs can be very tricky as for a beginner. However, it is important to remember that you can control the quality of your shots!

To help you tackle the problem, we have collected some of the best expert tips and tricks that will come in handy for improving iron shots once and forever!


The successful iron shot is all about keeping a correct and stable posture during the swing. Thus, it is vital to adjust your position in order to reach a better result! A perfect posture for iron shots is the following:

  • Keep the right arm straight as you begin to boost the turn of a shoulder.
  • Push off your right foot when you start down.
  • Transfer the weight more to the left and turn hips to make enough room for a swing.

Take club back

Another important point for hitting irons to your best ability is taking it back easy when you swing back. This will help generate a more sweeping motion for a smooth swing. This tip is especially important for players who own longer irons, so be sure to keep this in mind. Here is the list of top-rated golf clubs


If you are looking for more distance, it is vital to use your whole body in a swing.

Take a divot

We’ve already mentioned this point as one of the most common mistakes. One of the world’s most famous golfers Tiger Woods, suggests players trapping the ball and taking a divot in order to make the most of their iron shots.

Do never help the ball up

Now, this is one of the most common mistakes made by many golf enthusiasts and even some experienced players – they are trying to help the ball up. However, this most often results in a worse result than they expect. Helping the ball up actually makes your shots shorter and fading. Instead of doing this, professionals recommend to keep the weight, hands, arms, and even the club’s grip end moving forward through impact.