Will The Ravens Go All The Way

I believe that the Baltimore Ravens have very good odds of going all the way and win the Super Bowl this is because Lamar Jackson is looking absolutely amazing and players that did not shine last year like Mark Andrews and Mark Ingram are always getting 1 or more touchdown per a game and I honestly can’t see the Ravens losing the Super Bowl this year.

Another reason why the Baltimore Ravens could win the Super Bowl is that they have one of the youngest teams in the NFL and in my opinion they have the best quarterback as well. Also I think that the Baltimore Ravens will win more championships than only this one because of all the young amazing players like Marquise Brown,Mark Andrews and Lamar Jackson and I think that those three break out could turn the Baltimore Ravens into a dynasty not playoff contenders.

Another reason why I believe that the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl this year is that they want revenge for losing in the wildcard and being humiliated in front of the entire world so they must want to do anything to win the championship this year and start a winning streak that will hopefully last them until the end of the season and Lamar Jackso has the trophy in his hands.