Nomadic Sporting Thought #2: The .5 assist rule in Basketball

Everybody loves to pad their stats, no matter what the sport. Right? No matter what the game, it's always nice to see your numbers go up. Something that bothers me when I watch basketball is when someone drops a dime only for that player to miss the shot and be fouled, but then he makes his two free throws. Now, you may feel like that's innocent enough and I'm just crying behind a keyboard here. And hey, sure. I get that.

But what if each free throw made coming off an assist counted as .5 to the passer?

Would this bloat the stats? Sure. I wonder how the books would look if this sort of rule was retroactively applied to potential trip to the free throw line off a sweet dish ever. Personally, don't think I want to go through all that, hahaha.

Did this idea spawn after I was one assist off a triple double in 2k? No Comment.

To me, it just makes sense. Why shouldn't the guy who made the dime be rewarded for his effort?

1 free throw made = .5 assist, with a grand total of 1.0 assists possible out of a basic trip to the stripe. Almost like how it would be tracked if the bucket was made without the foul.

How you feel about it? Lemme know. Peace.