Jennifer Aniston; The America sweetheart that left Jose Mourinho speechless

By bhartidivya56
Sep. 23, 2016

Jose Mourinho's new book have revealed lots of damning information as well spectacular details about how the so called 'Special One' and how he feels about certain issues in football. 

His explosive new book serialized by Sportsmail have revealed that Jose Mourinho still has a crunch on America sweetheart Jennifer Aniston who once walked into a Beverly Hills Hotel in USA where Jose Mourinho was residing along with his former Chelsea squad. 

Rather than man up and speak to her, Jose Mourinho was speechless and kept staring until she walked out.

Sports Journalist Rob Beasley and a very close friend to Mourinho happened to be siting next to Jose Mourinho and recalled him saying as soon as Jennifer Aniston left the room: 'F***ing hell, Brad Pitt — what a woman!'

Brad Pitt had of course dumped Jennifer the year before and turned his attentions to Angelina Jolie instead, a fact Mourinho was equally quick to seize upon.

In a flash he added: 'Jennifer Aniston one, Angelina Jolie nil' and as he mentioned Jolie's name he pouted to mimic Angelina's famous full mouth, her trademark feature."

Shamefully, Brad Pitt have split from the beautiful Angelina Jolie.