Joey Barton slams Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard: I doubt he will be good coach

By bhartidivya56
Dec. 08, 2016

Ex- Rangers player Joey Barton is doubting Steven Gerrard's managerial abilities and feels, the former Liverpool and England captain lacks the tactical acumen to succeed as a coach. 

According to Liverpool Echo, Steven Gerrard will become Liverpool's youth team manager after announcing his retirement from football that spanned two decades. 

But Barton is skeptical of the method Gerrard will use in transmitting his knowledge of the game to the younger players.

Talking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Barton said: d“We’ve got to be careful as footballers. Just because we’ve played the game, sometimes we’ve got a blinkered view on it.

“I deal with young players now and I speak to players, and the days of shouting and bawling – the old-school way where someone gives you a rocket at half-time and you respond to it – it’s a totally different landscape out there now.

“There’s a lot of mollycoddling, there’s more coaching expertise.

“Steven Gerrard could well become a top football manager in the future, but he’s a novice.”