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Super Bowl LI: 1 and 2 Seeds (NFC)

By OffsprngofAwsum
Jan. 07, 2017

Looking ahead just a bit (I don't want to Jinx my Green Bay Packers) lets look into those two NFC squads who have a week off.

Dallas Cowboys
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 1 goal at the start of every season is to win the Super Bowl. To get to the Super Bowl a team has to qualify for the tournament, something these Cowboys wrapped up weeks before the season finale. With four weeks remaining, Dallas kicked-off a Sunday night matchup already having clinching a playoff birth. Dallas has been the NFL's storied juggernaut all season. Led behind two rookies Dak and Zeke, the Boys reeled off 11 straight victories this year. Wins that came in a terrible towel environment against the Steelers, completing the hat-trick sorta speak in a brutal three game stretch over 11 days. Games in which they steamrolled the Ravens, Washington, and Minnesota. As impressive both rookies have been the entire unit seems to have all the confidence in the world heading into the postseason. Make no mistake about it, these boys are for-real and that offensive line is as advertised!

After failing to throw a TD pass in the Cowboys' season-opening loss to the Giants, Dak Prescott finished the regular season with 24 touchdown passes to only 4 INTs. Every game I've caught this season, Prescott has been money in the fourth Quarters, completing 76 percent of his passes. I believe Tony Romo is in his rear view mirror and Dak has command even after #9s little showing in a meaningless Week 17 loss to Philly. Counter-part Ezekiel Elliott has not rushed for fewer than 83 yards since his week one; 20 touch, 51 yard game. Zeke has been a freak of nature, crowned the rushing title champ after a rookie showing of 1,631 yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. The formula has worked all season, teams know its coming and quite frankly can't stop it. I expect it to continue, the Public Eye is awaiting for Dallas to self-destruct and beat themselves as they've done in the past. People their not....Their different!

Atlanta Falcons 
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M.V.P front runner Matt Ryan has led one of the most efficient offenses we've seen of recent years. Do you remember the Greatest Show on Turf?? This year (much credit to Kyle Shanahan) they've scored as many points as those Rams of '00. At age 31, the MVP in my eyes (no shade to that Bad Man in Aaron Rodgers) had the best season of his career. Behind Ryan, Atlanta led the league in scoring at 32.9 points per game through the first 14 weeks of the season. Per ESPN Stats and Information this Falcons squad finished with the 10th-best scoring average since the merger. Ryan’s 9.2 yards per attempt registered him the seventh-highest mark in a single season. So in only their second year under the aforementioned Shanahan the Falcons are flying above the rest headed into the postseason with a #2 seed and a bye.

["Greatest Show On Earth" 2016 Atlanta Falcons Offensive Highlights (Weeks 1-9)]

Contender or Pretender, the fate of Atlanta's postseason success comes down to one thing: Can the positives of Matty-Ice high powered offense outweigh the troubles on the other side of the ball defensively. It's almost as if the offense has made it irrelevant of how bad the defense has been. Giving up an average of 420 yards a game (29th in the NFL) while surrendering THIRTY a game (28th), it doesn't give Ryan and the O much room for error. But with #2 slingin' it like he has, win two games with one guaranteed at home -- and you're off to Houston.