An Apology to Shea Weber

Oct. 26, 2016

I’d like to personally issue an apology to Shea Weber. Weber will likely never see this or encounter it, but nonetheless I’m writing this to come to terms with everything that has occurred this past six months. Closure is a near impossible thing in life. The moment that we think we are doing okay, our whole world comes crashing down and everything falls out of place again. It’s okay to not be okay. The first thing a lot of people will reply with is that sports are sports, they are supposed to be fun and a form of entertainment. That’s different for me. I fell in love with sports at a young age and haven’t looked back since. Sports are my cold beer after a long day. Sports are my sunset. Sports own my heart. Whether that’s irrational of me or not, it’s the way my heart functions and that will never change.

I may have just gotten a bit off topic, but the point remains. Much like anyone else, I have favorite teams, but I also enjoy sports in the purest form, even when my teams aren’t in action. When I think of my favorite athletes and players I admire in sports, the first name that always comes to my mind is Pernell Karl Subban. I have enjoyed watching and respected a lot of athletes over the years, but there was just something special about him. The fit for him in Montreal may have just been surreal. Subban had the spotlight he had always wanted and the skill, flare and passion to ensure that the city and fan base adored him. I can get into a lot of things about PK Subban, but the one thing that will always stick out to me was his compassion and caring nature. PK didn’t have to do what he did with the Montreal Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t just a coincidence that you could find Subban roaming the halls constantly at the Hospital, trying to improve children’s lives who weren’t so fortunate.

It’s disappointing the Habs brass didn’t see what everyone else saw in Subban. Dale Weise said it perfectly, they used Subban as a scapegoat and that makes me speechless in the worst way possible. The way that Subban played is the way every player should, he left it all on the ice. There were antics, and situations that probably shouldn’t have occurred, but if everyone played the game that way, the National Hockey League would be a lot more fun, and that’s what sports are all about right?

Now this wasn’t meant to be a PK Subban appreciation post, but I think he deserves a little more respect than what was given to him by the Canadiens. The point of this piece was to apologize to Shea Weber. A lot of Habs fans didn’t give him a fair shake, myself included, because he was the one who was traded for the beloved Subban. When you take emotion out of the trade, you should remember that Shea Weber is also a talented defenseman in his own and deserves credit for what he has accomplished in the league. He might not be PK Subban to you, but this is a guy with a pedigree few have in the league.

There is a much different feeling when Shea Weber is on the ice then when PK Subban is. Subban controlled a lot of the play, which is what you want in a player, specifically a defenseman, but with Weber there is a definite calming sense on the back end. Weber provides a type of presence that Montreal has lacked. As much as I hate the term “hard to play against”, Shea Weber is without a doubt hard to play against. You will pay if you go into the corners with him, and you will rarely find him out of position.

It’s time Habs fans give Shea Weber the recognition he deserves. I’m not saying you should like the trade, but at least show Weber the respect he has earned..

So, there you have it, I owe Shea Weber an apology, much like many Habs fans do. I fell in love with PK Subban, and as much as I will secretly enjoy watching him play in Nashville, it’s time to turn the page and find a new enamor.