Bart Simpson apparently thinks Villanova is destined for the NCAA Title

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 04, 2016

The Simpsons/Courtesy:

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

The first Monday in April is usually the day we find out who will win the NCAA Men's basketball tournament. It's never easy to pick who's going to win the tournament because well, it's sometimes a bit of a crapshoot depending on who's hot in March.

This year our finalists are likely the two best teams in the tourney: North Carolina and Villanova. They square off on the opening day for baseball, the first day of practice for the Masters live on CBS at 9pm.

Sunday night during America's longest running TV show the Simpsons, Bart Simpson appears to have made his choice very, very clear:

So....can a cartoon character be right? And how did they get this animation ready less than 24 hours before finding out the Wildcats were in the title game?

Show runner and head writer Al Jean? He's got no tie to Villanova what so ever....

A mystery? Perhaps. Might have to tune in and see if Bart knows or knew something others didn't.