Clippers Game Featured Dunking Owner and Strange Condor Mascot

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 01, 2016

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

I suppose when you are a "Multi" billionaire who owns a professional basketball team you can do pretty much whatever you want and don't have to explain or justify it to anyone.

Which is exactly what Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer did Monday night during a game where his Clippers beat the Brooklyn Nets 105-95. The game itself. A sideshow.

Two things took place that the Internets likely will be talking about all day long.

First this:

That folks is supposed to be a "Condor". No, we have no earthly idea what a Condor and a "Clipper" have in common, but then again, this is LA we are talking about. The team introduced it's "New" mascot--Chuck the Condor. Yes, Chuck. And yes, it feels as awkward as it looks.

And then there is this:

Yes folks. That's Steve Ballmer. Former Microsoft magnate and a man worth a lot of money. Sure, he's jumping off a trampoline and dunking the ball. And yes, it got the crowd pumped up. But man, why? 


Because he's a billionaire and he can. Thankfully for Ballmer...and the Clippers he's not one of those creepy 80-plus year old Mr. Burns looking billionaire's which probably would have changed everything Monday night. 

Either way it made for an entertaining evening at the Staples Center. At least one of the tenants (not the Lakers) looks like they are at least trying to have some fun.

Chuck the Condor??? SMH.....