Everyone Calling For Ray Watts' Head Now

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 24, 2015

Multiple Organizations Calling For UAB President To Resign
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((HT: Representative Jack Williams/AL.com/ESPNU))

Earlier in the day, Alabama State Rep Jack Williams asked for the head of UAB President Ray Watts because of the "revelation" that UAB, in conjunction with advice from a PR firm, wanted to kill the football program before the season even started in 2014.

The HQ put the word in quotes because it was long suspected but, until Williams was given a file by "someone close to the program with a conscience," it hadn't been independently confirmed. But the CarrSports report and Sard Verbinnen in concert were the planners for the University of Alabama Board of Trustees to announce what they did- even as it was widely known but a delayed fate until the 2014 season was completed.

Williams called for Watts resignation earlier in the day and even got Paul Finebaum to discuss

The support for the embattled president has been coming from the suspected places, including Alabama president Robert Witt:

"During nine years as President of The University of Alabama, I worked side-by-side with this Board of Trustees to help grow the campus and the System. There is no doubt that our governing structure and the synergies of UA, UAB and UAH are a point of tremendous pride for Alabama and a model for the nation. It is extremely unfortunate that a vocal few would choose to disagree."

 Witt's naivete is amazing joining with his hubris: " a vocal few..."

That is the HQ's favorite part...

The UAB National alums have now gotten into the fray, in part:

"The UAB National Alumni Society Past Presidents and the current Board of Directors (NAS) has no confidence that Dr. Ray L. Watts can provide effective leadership required for the University of Alabama at Birmingham based upon information and documents widely released to the public today as well as the voices of our alumni. Therefore, the NAS calls upon Dr. Watts to resign as President of the University of Alabama at Birmingham effective immediately. We believe this action is in the best interest of the University and its various constituencies. We make this decision with the knowledge of the gravity of the situation. UAB must have an effective President to lead this great institution that employs, educates, and serves the people of our state and nation. UAB's mission has been compromised during this crisis and should now take priority.

"It is our desire and intent for the UAB Athletics Assessment Task Force, which the NAS worked diligently to form, to continue its work on completing a feasibility study to determine the viability of reinstating football, bowling, and rifle at UAB."

Watts answered them... at least, the HQ thinks this was Watts and not a PR firm that gave him talking points:

"I am very disappointed with the decision of our alumni leaders. I have been and will continue to work with them for UAB. Rep. Jack Williams has grossly misrepresented the truth, and I am saddened that others put any credence in anything that he has to say related to UAB. It is most disappointing that misinformation about the athletics strategic plan has detracted from the truly life-changing work being done by so many remarkable people at UAB every day. I will continue to work with our alumni and others in the most constructive ways possible to move our institution and our plans forward."

The full report given by SVC is here...and it's a must read for an education in the process.

Williams' full presser calling for Watts' resignation is below:

With confidential drafts of the report dated September, but not released until December...

With a governor who claims, as an ex oficio member of the Board of Trustees, that he didn't know until the rest of us did... which in reality, is extremely hard to believe, since if you don't attend meetings you would still get delivered minutes and agendas...

With a Board of Trustees that is almost exclusively Tuscaloosa in education...

With a PR firm that has direct ties to a member of the Board of Trustees and helped his own business in the past...

How can any part of this collective entity be believed...???

Short answer is: It can't but, short of pitchforks and torches, nothing will change any time soon...