Frank Beamer's Last Win: 55-52 Independence Bowl Track Meet

By Phil Cantor
Dec. 27, 2015

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

It wasn't pretty...unless you like big numbers on the scoreboard. Neither team played much defense and the scoring didn't end until the clock ran out.

But at the end of the night, the Virginia Tech Hokies won the final game of long-time coach Frank Beamer's career Saturday night with a 55-52 win over Tulsa in the Independence Bowl. And in a bit of irony, Shreveport, Louisiana, site of the game was where Beamer's bowl game career began 23-years ago.

Beamer leaves the College Football sidelines with a 238-121-2 record over the course of 29-years. And more importantly he leaves the game as one of the most respected coaches of his generation. The Hokies never won a National Title but were always competitive, always consistent and a tough out for anyone who played them.

Rather than show you all the highlights---which would take a long, long time--we will just show you this and smile. 

Our first TV job back in, um, (cough-cough) 1988 was as a very young Sports Producer/Photographer in Lynchburgh/Roanoke, Virginia covering the Hokies and a much younger Coach Beamer. He was already respected and always seemed to be happy to see us when we came calling, camera in tow. 

We wish him nothing but the best as he gets a chance to enjoy the spoils of a long and successful career and hope he takes a little time to watch the world go by...