Goodell Still Wants More: St.Louis Approves Stadium Financing Plan

By Phil Cantor
Dec. 19, 2015

You will pay the Jolly Roger
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

The city of St.Louis appears to have given in to the NFL Blackmail scheme to get a new stadium by approving $150 million in city funds to get one built.

However according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was um, less than pleased. Goodell apparently wrote a letter to the city's Stadium Task force stating that would not be enough.

Here's the reason Goodell says that: The project is estimated to cost $1.1 billion (yes, really). Between the City, the State, the team/Rams and the NFL, the rest of the cost would be spread out.

The financing plan as is essentially leaves the NFL kicking in $300 million. Which is what drew the ire of the Jolly Roger. 

In his letter, Goodell spells out the league will only pony up as much as $200 million for a team planning on building a new stadium.

The approval by St. Louis Aldermen beats the NFL's self-imposed December 30th deadline for stadium deals in city's looking to keep their team. The question is---Is this all worth it.

Say for instance the league plays hardball. Then who gets to foot the bill for the extra money? Or if Rams owner Stan Kroenke moves his team to either the palace he is trying to build in Los Angeles or somewhere else. Which he's made clear is his intent.

Then who foots the bill? 

Does the city build a $1.1 billion edifice with no tenant? In a town where tons of infrastructure and redevelopment is desperately needed, do taxpayers foot the bill for a building likely to remain mostly unoccupied?

And why does a city have to pay several hundred million to build a building for team that is going to play 8-12 times a year? Is it REALLY worth it?


But city's roll over to the NFL every time. Okay, so maybe not cities. But it's citizens do.

Good luck St. Louis, looks like you'll need it.