ICYMI: Oregon's Duck trolls Alabama Sorority in funniest way possible

By Phil Cantor
Aug. 27, 2015

Getty Images

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

It was bound to happen. The original video was way too made for spoofing. Someone had to take a shot at the unbelievably cheeky, somewhat innuendo laden and mildly funny Alabama sorority recruiting video which featured Crimson Tide RB Kenyon Drake.

Enter the University of Oregon's mascot--The Duck.

Not only did Mr. Duck spoof it. He recreated it. And it was funny. Damn funny. Oregon has wasted few opportunities to troll the Crimson Tide in hopes perhaps of getting a game out of them. It may end up happening in a bowl game down the line, but we wouldn't begin to pick bowl game match ups this early in the season--thought that hasn't stopped the big websites.

Anyway revel in the hilarity that is Mr. Duck:

((ht: lostletterman.com))