One Punch: David Lemieux knocks Curtis Stevens cold in scary moment

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 12, 2017

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

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For all the talk of the dangers of concussions, boxing remains one of a handful of sports where they are a huge risk. Saturday night in a Middleweight fight at the Turning Rock Casino in Verona, NY---David Lemieux dropped Curtis Stevens with one of the cleanest left cross punches you will ever see.

The two men, known as big, wild punchers went at it for nearly three rounds. Lemieux's punch finished it in the 3rd.

Don't get me wrong--boxing has been a long-time favorite sport of ours--but this is a reminder of just how dangerous the sport is. Stevens was essentially out on contact and had to be stretchered from the arena. From reports--he will be alright but we can't imagine he's not concussed. Stevens was apparently alert at a local hospital where he got a CAT scan. Boxing reports rarely seem to mention the word "Concussion" and we're guessing Stevens won't be officially reported as suffering one either.

Yeah, we got on our horse a little bit. But boxers know what they are getting into. Let's hope Stevens has no lingering damage.