Oregon's Dillon Brooks beats UCLA at the Buzzer

By Phil Cantor
Dec. 29, 2016

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

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Tis the season for the buzzer beater and University of Oregon star Dillon Brooks got into the act late Wednesday night. Brooks hit a 3-pointer with 0.8 seconds to go in a Pac 12 game with #2 ranked UCLA to give the Ducks a 89-87 win.

Brooks grabbed a missed Bryce Alford free throw which could have sealed the game for the Bruins, sprinted up court with the ball and then stopped and popped the shot just beyond the arc...sending the Matthew Knight Arena crowd into a frenzy as they rushed the court.

Oregon fans rushed the court---but then had to be put back in their seats because the refs ruled there was time left on the clock. The game was delayed while that happened--though in the end it didn't matter as UCLA didn't have enough time to do anything--the Ducks faithful just waited and stormed the court a second time... 

The loss was UCLA's first, the Bruins are now 13-1, Oregon is 12-2....