OSG High: Minnesota HS Game Goes 4OT With Multiple Buzzer Beaters

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 04, 2016

Yeah, Okay... A New Level To The Madness Is Here!

((HT: Cam Smith/USA Today))

The HQ is out of superlatives on this one...

OSG High goes to Minnesota for a sectional matchup betwen Waseca and Marshall High Schools... 

Here's the short version the MULTIPLE buzzer beaters that kept the game going... thanks to our friends at KTSP-TV

To recap, the game went to four overtimes because of buzzer beaters in four of the six possible endings that the game COULD have had but didn't. According to Cam, the coach's nephew was the player that had the three-quarters court desperation heave that kept the game moving INTO the fourth overtime. 

Daniel Ring of the Waseca County News caught up with Nick Dufault and asked about the shot

“It was so surreal,” Dufault said of the shot. “I don’t know how else to put it, I’m so thankful.”

Dufault added he just chucked and prayed.

“When you’re down 3, there’s really nothing else you can do in that moment,” said Dufault. “It’s meant to be I guess.”

Dufault finished with 43 points in the 103-100 win and Waseca advances into the state tourney for the first time since 2002.