Rush Propst Appealing One-Year Suspension

By Phil Cantor
Jun. 17, 2016

The Successful High School Coach Is Fighting A Suspension In Georgia

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The Colquitt County (GA) Packers are the two-time defending football champs in Georgia's highest classification and their very famous head coach is now fighting for his ability to coach in the state after being named a 2015 national champ in some polls. In a correspondence dated a month ago, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission recommended Propst be suspended for a year after headbutting a player on the sidelines. FOSG Jake Wallace has a copy of the letter- from his Twitter:

In the state semifinals last season, Propst headbutted his kicker, Luis Martinez, after a touchdown as an attention-getter. He would not be sanctioned by the high school or the Georgia High School Association for the event in December, but would have to answer for it five months later. Propst is appealing the suspension.

You can see the headbutt at the 1:33:30 mark of the game here, thanks to GPB Sports and the GHSA. Propst also addresses the headbutt in his halftime interview- admitting he was trying to fire up his defense and asked his medical staff "if they had ever seen Erk Russell coach football."

Here's the short version without context

The next step for Propst is to seek an appeal in front of an administrative judge where an 18-member panel can, subsequently, either agree with or recommend a different length of punishment altogether. There is precedent for the appeals process taking years (plural) and there is no word on who exactly raised the issue of Propst to the GPSC in the first place.

Propst is not commenting publicly on the matter as his team is playing in a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta.