Spencer Hawes and the Um....Interesting Suit

By Phil Cantor
Dec. 26, 2014

((ht: nba.com))

Oh my....

NBA players have been known on occasion to dress...um, well, a little differently at times. And keeping in the spirit of Thursday's holiday a few of them took advantage of it.

With several games being played Christmas day, there were few highlights and lots of chatter about LeBron in Miami. Which we don't care about.

What we do care about...


Check out Spencer Hawes of the Los Angeles Clippers making his pre game entrance ahead of Thursday nights game vs. The Golden State Warriors. Yes, he's wearing a Christmas Tree suit.

The 7 foot plus Hawes is on the injured list, he didn't play. But he sat on the bench. In the suit, which appears a bit too short. And yeah, he got a bit of attention.