This Looks Intentional: Dennis Wideman Shoves Linesman to Ice (UPDATED w/Suspension)

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 28, 2016

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

Apparently Wednesday night was a tough night for Linesman in NHL Hockey Games. Perhaps the worst offense against them came in the Calgary vs. Nashville game and it came at the hands of Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman.

During the 2nd period, Wideman had just taken a hard shot near the Nashville goal and appeared to be a bit shaken up. He made his way back up the ice and looked to be trying to exit the playing surface. That's when he came up on Linesman Don Henderson who had his back to Wideman.

Rather than skate around Henderson, Wideman shoved Henderson, rather abruptly, to the ice.

Unlike the Milan Lucic incident Wednesday night, this looked a bit more deliberate though Wideman insists no ill will or intention on his part. Wideman appeared quite dazed and out of it after getting hit.  No penalty was called, though Henderson too was a bit sluggish getting back up. Wideman eventually did come back into the game.

If the NHL rules the move intentional however, the shove could cost the veteran Defenseman at least 10-games....

PM UPDATE: Wideman has been suspended by the league indefinitely pending a hearing after the All-Star game