Uh boy: Vandy player's late foul may have cost them a win vs Northwestern

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 17, 2017

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

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Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference. Maybe The Northwestern Wildcats would have scored anyway and had a comeback, first-round, first-ever NCAA Tournament win in their opening game vs. Vanderbilt.

We'll never know. And no, it's not because Vandy won---they didn't.

To set the scene---Vanderbilt takes a 66-65 lead with just 17.8 seconds left in the game. Northwestern quickly passes the ball in and dribbles up court. For reasons that will be discussed for at least a day-or-two, Commodores guard Matthew Fisher-Davis reaches in and deliberately fouls Bryant McIntosh of the Wildcats. 

Yes, that is an eternity in Basketball time. But....Northwestern was in the double bonus and McIntosh calmly stepped up and hit his free throws. 

Still, there was time left but Vanderbilt would not score---game over, Northwestern wins 68-66...

This game will be remembered primarily for Fisher-Davis's brain fart but it shouldn't. His 22-points kept Vandy in the game. And yes, while the foul was incredibly dumb---Vandy still had time to come down the court and tie up or win the game. They didn't.

Will this play be remembered? Yeah, for awhile. Twitter is already calling it "Worst than Chris Webber" (Webber called a timeout when his Michigan team didn't have one which meant a technical foul and free throw in a tight NCAA title game back in 1993.)

No idiot Twitter guy, this wasn't on the Chris Webber scale. There was not an NCAA title involved. And no, Vanderbilt, nor likely Northwestern is going to be an NCAA Title participant this year. The comparison is overly dramatic, idiotic and irrelevant.

But then again isn't that why Twitter exists?