When Is A 17-Year-Old Baller Really 30 Years Old...???

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 21, 2016

A 30-Year-Old Immigrant Is Under Arrest In Ontario

((HT: Windsor Star/Wilhelm, SI.com))

The story was too good to be true, really...

17-year-old Jonathon Nicola had escaped his home in South Sudan, a country rife with civil war, and had found a home with the folks at (Windsor) Catholic Central High School in Ontario province. At 6-11, he was getting looked at by a lot of college coaches and scouts that thought he might have a chance to play pro ball.

One problem: According to documents Nicola, it has been discovered, was really 30 and was under arrest for violating the country's Immigration Refugee Protection Act. He was in their country on a student visa. There is a hearing set for next week to continue to determine Nicola's case.

Here's a demo reel done on Nicola detailing his junior year in high school as a basketball player

Nicola's head coach isn't allowed to discuss the case currently. But Nicola addressed his six months on this side of the Atlantic back in January with the Windsor paper in an interview with Post Media...

And the media in Detroit are asking the question we all are: "WHAT?!"


More when we know more...