Guide On Regime To Follow After Dental Implants

By Amelia Wilson
Dec. 27, 2018

Nowadays dental implants are becoming very popular. It works as a great alternative to bridge or remove dentures. If done with correct supervision will last for a lifetime. It’s a great investment for your oral health as it increases your longevity. But there are some regimes you should follow so that you recover properly after a dental implant. To make things easier for you, here are some guides on the regime you can follow.

1. Do Brush Every Day Without Fail: You should brush your teeth twice a day after a dental implant surgery. Try to brush for at least two minutes. Don't exert a lot of pressure on your teeth as you may hurt yourself. Try to use an electronic toothbrush for brushing your teeth. The type of toothbrush which is best for you is suggested by professionals of dental implants in Thailand. You should only use the toothpaste which is prescribed to you by the doctor.

2. Floss And Tape Every Day To Clean Areas In Between: After a dental implant surgery you should floss every day. It helps to clean the space between the implant and natural tooth. It is best to use a floss thread or a satin tape for this purpose. They are not so expensive and are safe for use. Always try to floss below the gum level to keep the collar of the implant clean. Try to use the floss and tapes prescribed by professionals of dental implants in Thailand. You can also use an Air floss system or bottle brush for this purpose.

3. Do Regular Checkups After The Implants: After your dental implants, you should see your dentist after every six months. The gap period between your appointments depends on your home schedule. If you are facing more problems it’s better to do a check-up after every three months. The doctor will clean the areas which are out of your reach. This will protect you from plague, infection and other problems too. The professionals of dental implants in Bangkok also clean the joining of your implants with an antibacterial solution. This will keep your implant tooth healthy.

4. Go For Annual Implant Assessment: The experts of dental implants in Bangkok do an implant assessment of their clients. This appointment helps to review your cleaning regime, the health of the implant. The doctor also does an x-ray to see if the implants are well connected. They also check if there is any bone loss. It greatly increases the longevity of your dental implants.

So, these are some regime guides you should follow after your dental implants. Stick to these tips and you don't have to break a sweat to keep those implants shining. Overseas Dental Solutions is one stop platform to get all your dental woes resolved.