the Warriors ruined Basketball

Since Kevin Durant decided to jump on the Golden State bandwagon basketball hasn't been the same, let alone interesting to see. We all know who's gonna win the most games barring injury, we know who most likely will come out the west and most likely win the title. Basketball seems like a forgone conclusion at this point and it sickens true fans that want competition. Sure we saw the Houston duo of cp3 and Harden flourish but it wasn't enough. Now with the draft over and free agency on the way we wonder can anybody get enough pieces to combat the Warriors, will LeBron join forces with a Houston powerhouse or will he form his own in LA with the likes of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard who knows. Will the Celtics be the threat that we think they and can they stay healthy these are the questions that are being asked in the NBA. We all love basketball but what fun is it when the champs are chosen in October what reason is there to watch your favorite team if you already know there's a tornado in the west that has the final say.