Has Adrian Peterson carried the rock the last time for the Vikings

By toughie
Sep. 22, 2016

News from Minnesota, and it's not good, Adrian Peterson expected to undergo surgery for a meniscus tear and is expected to be out 3-4 months.

Minnesota: As if things couldn't get worse for the 2-0 Minnesota Vikings following the devastating injury to QB Teddy Bridgewater, now it appears the Vikings could be without RB, Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season.

Yesterday, ESPN'S Josina Anderson described Adrian Peterson's meniscus tear as a 'bucket handle tear', an injury that usually keeps players out for a minimum of 3-4 months, and sometimes six months. Let's see - Sep 21...Oct, Nov, Dec 20 at the very earliest.

Did the year off from football kill Adrian Peterson's career:

Buddy of mine made an interesting analogy the other day. He was talking about Ray Rice and his dismissal from football and he noted that after the first year had passed without playing football, Rice was never going to make it back to football as the speed of the game and him sitting for a season were just too much to overcome. Buddy followed that up with a statement about Adrian Peterson's 2015 suggesting that it took even AP nearly half a season to uncork that big ole body and get back to playing football at an elite level.

After two games this season, Peterson has been pretty pedestrian, chalking up 50 yards and 0 TD's. (1.6 yard average)

Add to this whole equation that Peterson is 31 years old and will turn 32 next March, and that he's nearing the end of a mega contract, and Vikings fans might be more concerned that Peterson has carried the ball the last time for the Vikings, than just being out for the season.