Colome vs. Marty feature game on

By toughie
Dec. 13, 2016

Holden Thieman and the Colome Cowboys open their season tonight against 0-2 Marty.

By Rich Winter

Well, well, well, just a few weeks ago we were watching the mean green rip up the 9B football playoffs and tomorrow the Cowboys lace en up for their hardwood opener against an 0-2 Marty squad that god drilled by Lower Brule and lost respectaviely to Santee Nebraska. 

Be nice to see what Colome senior, Holden Thieman and company have on the court this season. Thieman was on crutches during the end of the football season so it will be nice to check him out on the court.

The game will be live-streaming from Colome at ...Tuesday evening!!

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