Silas Blaine's Chiefs no slouch entering Lakota Nation...

By toughie
Dec. 13, 2016

A couple years into his tenure at Crazy Horse and Silas Blaine has the Chiefs on the right path.

By Rich Winter

Caught up with the Crazy Horse Chiefs in what I believe was perhaps a semifinal game between CH and White River in March of 2016. If memory serves that was a good ball game, kinda back and forth for about 1.5 quarters. Eventually White River pulled ahead and went on to win the game, the district and the region to advance to the B tournament for the 11th consecutive year.

In that District game you could tell Crazy Horse was young and perhaps lacking experience, but they competed, ran the floor and you could tell the group looked hungry to get better. 

Asked Todd County coach Mike Hammer about the Chiefs participating in the White River summer league and he noted they did and were much improved from what he remembered in previous years. 

Four seniors on the roster: Ben Quiver, Jayden Dull Knife, Hoksila Moves Camp and Adrien Gencaralle. Not a lot of height on the roster with three guys toeing the tape measuring 6-foot-1

So, without that height, you would expect Crazy Horse to get after teams in transition. 

Tough bracket for Crazy Horse as they open up with No. 2 seed Little Wound and win/lose they will play either Crow Creek or St. Francis in the second round. This is a much improved program than perhaps what people remember and certainly worth a watch at Lakota Nation.

Just some random photos from last year's district game. 

And, oh, by the way, Crazy Horse drilled Wakpala in their opener 82-38....OOOOHHHHH, interesting!