A look back at the Warren Sapp and Brenston Buckner feud

By Randy Inman
Jul. 06, 2014

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

This is a look back at the feud between Brenston Buckner and Warren Sapp that reheated a while back. Buckner the current defensive line coach of the Arizona Cardinals was living in Charlotte. The rest of this article was written when the trash talking took place in 2011, on another site I wrote for.


The Warren Sapp and Brenston Buckner feud has started up again. According to WFNZ's Marc James on Twitter, Sapp told the Charlotte Quarterback Club that "Brenston Buckner was not a good football player". Marc James was a co-host with Taylor Zarzour of "The Drive" which was Charlotte's best afternoon radio show.


 The Warren Sapp and Brenston Buckner feud started years ago when Sapp took offense to Buckner telling people that then Carolina Panther Kris Jenkins was the best defensive tackle in football. At the time Buckner and Jenkins were the starting defensive tackles for the Carolina Panthers. A war of words ensued between Buckner and Sapp which Buckner later mentioned on his radio show on WFNZ after Buckner retired from the NFL.


 I have to admit that Brenston Buckner is one of my favorite football commentators that ever appeared on WFNZ (he has moved on from full time work at the station) and I was a fan of his as a Panther. I am even a bigger fan of his charity work from his group "Faith Before Fame & Fortune" which recently put on a celebrity poker tournament featuring Boyz2Men. Brenston Buckner has also mentored young people through his church, youth football camps and as a high school coach.


 But enough about Brenston Buckner the man this is about Buckner as a player. The Warren Sapp and Brenston Buckner feud heated back up due to Sapp saying Buck wasn't a good player. When I sent this Tweet to Warren Sapp "@QBKILLA You really think Brenston Buckner wasn't a good player? He sure played a lot of years". His reply was "QBKILLA @RandyInman And Did What?"


. The Warren Sapp and Brenston Buckner feud heated Brenston Buckner played from 1994 until 2005 for the Steelers, Bengals, 49ers and Panthers. This makes him a journeyman NFL player, but that just means multiple NFL teams thought he could help them, and he did. Able to play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense Buckner started 127 NFL games and had 31 sacks, two interceptions, five forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries, one touchdown, along with 302 tackles and 120 assists. This makes Brenston Buckner a good football player in my book. Long time Panther beat reporter Darin Gant of the Rock Hill Herald told me via Twitter that Buckner was a good but not great player when I told him the Warren Sapp quote.


 When I asked Brenston Buckner for a quote about the Warren Sapp comment, he replied with this. "It is with my deepest regrets that my career didn't meet Mr. Sapp expectations and standards. I'm saddened that I didn't make him proud of me! In the voice and words of the great philosopher OCHO CINCO, ' CHILD PLEASE!"


 Even Brenston Buckner would not say he was as good as Warren Sapp who I have on my top ten NFL players from the U article. But Buckner was indeed a good football player and Warren Sapp probably knows this. Sapp should also know that comparing any defensive tackles to him may be futile as there are not many who can be mentioned in the same conversation with him.