Broncos trade for Mark Sanchez

By Randy Inman
Mar. 11, 2016

Mark Sanchez traded to Denver
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have traded for quarterback Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles. The Broncos sent a conditional draft pick to the Eagles for the Sanchez and I think it's a good deal for Denver.

Sanchez has a lot of starting experience and probably would play as well or better than Peyton Manning did last year for the Broncos. It is not etched in stone that Mark Sanchez will be starting for the Broncos but he gives them that option if needed.

I personally think the Broncos need to add Tim Tebow. Yeah I am one of those Tebow lovers but he would fit a run first West Coast offense like the Broncos run. I do think though that Tim Tebow is done in the NFL.