Josh Gordon suspended by the NFL for a full season

By Randy Inman
Aug. 28, 2014

Getty Images

Josh Gordon the superbly talented but troubled wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns has been suspended by the NFL for a full year. It took the NFL several months to announce how long Gordon would be suspended for and then dropped it on him right before the season started.


It is no shock that Gordon got suspended a year because he has had repeated violations of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Some people are saying since marijuana is legal in some states that Gordon and others should not be punished for smoking it.


Well I say if he knows he will get in trouble with the NFL and keeps smoking pot anyway then he needs some serious help. When you are willing to throw away millions of dollars to smoke weed then your priorities are a little out of whack.


Josh Gordon talent wise is as good as anyone in the NFL including Megatron. Give Gordon a real NFL quarterback and he would smash all kinds of records. Hopefully a year away from the game will give the young man time to clear his head and get his life on the right track.


Gordon will have to be reinstated by the NFL after a year's suspension. He will not automatically be allowed to rejoin the Cleveland Browns. I really hope to see him play again not just because he is so great, but also so he will have gotten his life straightened out.


Now the Browns better hope Miles Austin can recapture the fountain of youth as he and Nate Burleson are the only name wide receivers on the roster. The young wideouts need to step up as well to try to replace Josh Gordon.